Fields of Expertise

New data exchange technologies
(Near Field Communication)

  • The main challenge lies in the secure, adversary-proof protocols, that do not allow attackers to bypass security measures for authorisation of individuals to the system.

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing is turning into the new way of running the whole IT infrastructure. With the Cloud, businesses do not need to run their own data-centers any more -- instead of owning they can rent their computing services online. This adds the elasticity feature to the amount of resources spent on the infrastructure. The main success of Cloud computing ideas lies on successfully adding the virtualization layer to the Grid computing technology.
  • More and more services and software applications are moving to the Cloud.
  • Together with the very attractive and promising technological achievements within the field, also a huge number of challenges stand in front of the IT research and industry waiting to be solved. For instance, if the computations are performed outside the house of a company, how does one ensure that competitors can not see their data, their business ideas, or results of their work?

Secure authentication methods

  • How a person can protect and verify his identity
  • This is based on the latest research in cryptographic algorithms and biometric measurement

Novel cryptographic algorithms

  • How to devise a cryptographic algorithm that can be associated with a given price for the information recovery?

Internet Security

  • Avoiding DoS attacks with distributed piecewise calculations for some real useful problem solution.

Distributed Scientific Computing and applications